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What we do

Alder Wills & Probate Fixed Fee Probate service is designed to lessen the load for you at a difficult time. That’s why when you’re ready to discuss matters in detail we will arrange for one of our Probate Consultants to visit or you can call into our Camberley Probate Office at a time that is most convenient for you. We can then explain what you need to do next and determine if we can help you further.

If appointed we will take on the legal responsibility for the work, completing all the legalities, paperwork and procedures for you, while keeping you in the picture every step of the way.

We will obtain the Grant of Representation and will carry out all the necessary work to administer the estate as quickly as is possible.

We will take care of all the legal and tax complexity plus the associated administrative and property related activities with regards to the Grant of Representation application and the administration of the estate.


  • Preparing the necessary documentation for the Grant of Representation application:
  • Carrying out all necessary checks to ensure the validity of any Will in existence
  • When there is no valid Will, applying the Rules of Intestacy to the estate of the deceased to identify the Personal
  • Representatives and beneficiaries and to establish the entitlement of the beneficiaries
  • Applying to the Probate Registry and obtaining the appropriate Grant of Representation
  • Ensuring the accurate distribution of the estate
  • Assessing any claims against the estate
  • Placing all statutory adverts to manage claims against the estate
  • Assessing variations to the distribution of the estate


  • Completing the following tax forms:
  • The Income Tax return from 6th April to the date of death
  • The appropriate Inheritance Tax form, either IHT 205 or IHT 400
  • The Capital Gains Tax return, if required
  • Corresponding with HM Revenue and Customs to ensure the completion of the above tax forms
  • Taking any corrective action required by HM Revenue & Customs during the estate administration process
  • Claiming any relevant reliefs or exemptions applicable to the estate
  • Preparing tax deduction certificates for beneficiaries if requested
  • Calculating any Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax owed
  • Ensuring any outstanding tax is paid from the estate or by the beneficiaries
  • Calculating and arranging for the transfer of any Nil Rate Band allowance in order to reduce Inheritance Tax

Administration and other services


  • Corresponding with the identifiable personal representatives and beneficiaries of the estate during the provision of our service
  • Corresponding with the identifiable financial institutions and organisations relevant to the estate during the provision of our service
  • Verifying and valuing the identifiable assets and debts of the estate in England and Wales
  • Gathering the identifiable assets of the estate
  • Transferring all jointly held assets into sole name, including property
  • Paying any debts and liabilities from the estate
  • Preparing the accounts of the estate
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries
  • Setting up any trusts relevant to the estate


If there is a property in the estate within England and Wales our service includes:

  • Placing any buildings and contents under our specialist insurance policy. The insurance premium will be charged as a disbursement of the estate
  • Transferring the ownership of property from the deceased to the beneficiaries, if the property is not to be sold. HM Land Registry fees will be charged as a disbursement of the estate

If the property to be sold, our service includes appointing and communicating with the:

  • Estate Agent for the marketing and sale of the property
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provider
  • Conveyances for the transfer of ownership of the property to be sold

If required, we offer comprehensive Estate Agency and Conveyancing services

To carry out our Grant of Representation and Estate Administration Service we have to appoint third party organizations in order to provide specialist services. The costs of these services are disbursements and will be charged in addition to the fixed fee for our Grant of Representation and Estate Administration Service.

Depending of the needs of the estate or your wishes additional services may be required. Our fees for additional services are in addition to the fixed fee for our Grant of Representation and Estate Administration Service.

Additional Services

Additional services are available and may be required in order to ensure the effective administration of the estate. Additional services include:

  • Completing outstanding Income Tax returns other than the most recent tax return
  • Drafting and executing an Instrument of Variation
  • Handling affairs relating to foreign, heritage, business or agricultural assets
  • CHAPs transfers and foreign payments

Additional services for the sale of a property include:

  • Estate Agency service
  • Conveyancing service

We also provide the following additional services which can assist in planning ahead.

  • Free advice on writing a Will and a comprehensive Will Writing Service for Personal Representatives, beneficiaries and their families.

Once we have obtained the Grant of Representation and confirmed the value of the estate, we will administer all aspects of the estate for assets held in the sole name of the deceased. We also include the transfer of joint assets as part of the service.

There is a huge amount of paperwork, form-filling correspondence and administration to be carried out even after the Grant of Representation has been obtained and the estate has been valued.

Our free home visit

This meeting will help us understand with you exactly what needs to be done and how we can help. We will go through everything that’s required to settle the affairs of the person who has died.

At the meeting we will let you know the cost of all the work involved and you can then decide if you wish us to manage the process on your behalf.

Importantly we provide our quotation for our work based upon the information discussed during this meeting. Our quote is fixed and will not change. There is no obligation on your part until you decide what you wish to do.

Our Fees

  • Fixed fees – We offer a transparent fixed fee which is agreed with you before any work commences. There are no hidden charges and no additional fees for correspondence or telephone calls. Our fees are taken from the estate provided there are sufficient cash assets available, so you do not need to worry about covering the cost of the service.
  • Additional services – We offer a range of additional services to help with other needs during the estate administration and to help those left behind plan for the future.

If a property is to be sold we offer a comprehensive Property Sale Service, including our Estate Agency Service and our Conveyancing Service

Our Service

  • Comprehensive – Our service deals with the legal, tax and administrative work involved in estate administration.
  • Expertise – We have specialist legal teams focussed entirely on providing our Probate and Estate Administration Service. No generalists, just skilled teams focused on managing the estate administration on your behalf.
  • Dedicated – A dedicated case handler offers you one key point of contact throughout the estate administration.
  • An ethical organisation – The Co-operative values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the way which we provide our service, offering transparent fixed fees and clear regular communication during the estate administration.
  • A national provider – We are one of the largest providers of Grant of Representation and Estate Administration services in England and Wales and manage a wide range of estates on behalf of our clients. We have the necessary skills and experience to provide excellent service for you.

Areas we serve?

All areas in a 10mile radius of Surrey, including but not limited to:

  • Camberley
  • Sandhurst
  • Bagshot
  • Crowthorne
  • Farnborough
  • Ascot
  • Woking
  • Wokingham
  • Aldershot
  • Fleet
  • Guildford
  • Farnham
  • Windsor
  • Reading

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